'The Daily Show' confronts 'pussocracy' surrounding Toronto's crack-smoking mayor
Jon Stewart 111913 [YouTube]

Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams confronted a Toronto City Council member over the council's inability to get Mayor Rob Ford out of office despite the increasing public spectacle surrounding him.

"We have an election coming up next fall, and we'll see what happens then," Councilor John Parker told Williams.

"Next fall, 2014?" Williams asked. "What is wrong with the system here?"

"Well, some people here call it democracy," Parker countered.

"Oh no, it's more like a pussocracy," Williams shot back. "Nobody has the b*lls to do something around here."

"Well, I never thought of it in quite those terms," Parker responded.

Meanwhile, host Jon Stewart was surprised to hear that the council -- though not Parker -- voted to strip Ford of most of his powers, but for a non-political reason.

"Wait, smoking crack gives you powers?" Stewart asked. "Are those powers an unquenchable thirst for crack? But oddly, in Mayor Ford's case, with great powers come very little responsibility."

Stewart also mocked Ford's defiant statement to the council that, "you guys have just attacked Kuwait."

"The reference may be dated," Stewart conceded. "But in Rob Ford's defense, it may be one of the last things he remembers."

Stewart also had little sympathy for Ford's actions during a Monday interview with CNN, in which the mayor told reporter Bill Weir, "I don't look at myself as the mayor, I look at myself as a normal, regular person" after cursing at him in front of a group of schoolchildren he brought in for the interview.

"Then go back to being one," Stewart suggested. "Begone."

Watch Stewart and Williams' report on the Ford administration, as posted online on Tuesday, below.