'WEEEEEEEE': Internet finds endless entertainment in Fox News website troubles

The website of the Fox News Channel on Tuesday briefly warned of a "World Zombie Day" and encouraged visitors to watch "STUFF YO."

The odd headlines quickly stirred up commotion. Users of the social media outlet Twitter, along with several publications, were quick to question whether the site had been defaced by a hacker.

Others, however, had a less sensational explanation for the strange development.

"Our current theory is that the 'Fox News' hack is someone accidentally publishing the staging CMS to production," Jacob Harris, the senior software architect at the New York Times, tweeted.

Chris Plante, the co-founder of Polygon, concurred. He tweeted: "The Fox News site doesn’t look like a hack. It looks like the staging page for the CMS. 'Maverick SeaLion' is such a designer joke."

Fox New said on Twitter that the wacky headlines were the result of "an internal production problem." The website reverted to its normal appearance shortly afterward.