Ex-Navy chaplain: I'll shoot 'Right Wing Watch' readers and then 'pray for your soul'
Dr. "Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt (Screen capture)

A disgraced former Navy chaplain warned members of a group dedicated to monitoring fringe conservatives that he had would be willing to shoot their readers and then "pray for your soul" if necessary.

Earlier this year, Dr. "Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt accused Right Wing Watch encouraging "the assassination of pro-life Christian leaders" because of anonymous comments posted on YouTube. He later forced the group's YouTube account to be taken down by filing bogus claims under the Digital Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Those claims were overruled and Klingenschmitt was warned this week to "cease and desist."

On Tuesday, Klingenschmitt gave up on legal threats and turned to Second Amendment remedies.

"Even though I'm a chaplain, even though I'm a noncombatant, that I'm a 20-year military veteran and I was a nuclear missile officer and I was the captain of my high school rifle team," Klingenschmitt told the viewers of his Pray in Jesus Name Internet broadcast. "So, I did recently go down and I got my concealed carry permit."

"So for those of you watching on Right Wing Watch and issuing death threats against me, just know that if you come to my home and you threaten my wife that I will defend myself and my wife," he added. "And I'll pray for your soul. I pray that you go to heaven. Right?"

Klingenschmitt then repeated one of his favorite Bible verses, which he has interpreted to mean that Jesus wants people to "sell your clothes and buy a gun.”

"America, you can follow Jesus' advice and Jesus' teaching and arm yourself," he explained. "He advocating what became the basis for the Second Amendment, that God has given us a right to self defense."

Klingenschmitt concluded by asking God to block "pro-abortion judges, the anti-gun judges, the anti-freedom judges, the centralized government judges" and the "power-grabbing Obama administration."

"Father, stop the bad judges and restore our freedoms. We pray in Jesus' name."

Watch this video from Pray in Jesus Name, broadcast Dec. 10, 2013.