Fox mocks plus-sized Barbie, then rips Obama for soda calorie disclosure minutes later

The hosts of the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends said on Monday that a plus-sized Barbie doll might make girls think it was acceptable to be fat and then followed-up with a segment complaining that President Barack Obama's health care law was forcing companies to disclose nutritional information.

Fox News host Steve Doocy pointed out that a modeling agency had asked on their Facebook page if toy companies should create a plus-sized Barbie doll.

"That's probably because the majority of Americans are overweight and the problem with that is that it's an unhealthy figure," co-host Anna Kooiman observed. "I understand not having a little skinny, teeny, tiny Barbie. I mean, she's a perfect 10, she's better than a perfect 10. People say she can't even walk around on those two little legs if her measurements were real. So, how about just have a normal-sized Barbie?"

"That's not typically a healthy size," she said of the plus-sized doll. "So let's produce something in the middle."

About 10 minutes later, Kooiman was generating outrage in a segment about how "Obamacare now mandates all vending machines list the calories of every item they sell, a regulation that could cost distributors $25 million to implement in its first year."

Vending machine company owner Butch Yamali argued that food manufactures should be responsible for the labeling "if this is what Obama wants."

In the next hour, Fox & Friends again returned to the issue of the plus-sized Barbie, and Kooiman highlighted one viewer's email:

This is not good. This would tell our kids it's okay to be fat. I'm sorry, it's not okay. It's unhealthy to be overweight.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Dec. 30, 2013.