Fox News guest tells female host to quit, get married, have babies and 'thank men'

Fox News host Anna Kooiman was advised by anti-feminist crusader Suzanne Venker to quit her job and get married because women should spend more time "thanking men" for the ability to stay home and take care of children.

In a column on last week, Venker -- who is Phyllis Schalfly's niece -- argued that today's women had been deluded into thinking that they could live without a husband.

During an interview with Venker on Sunday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was totally on board the premise of the column because he said, "I rely completely on my wife."

But Kooiman wanted to know how the philosophy applied to a career-driven woman like herself.

"I'm single, I'm 29, I'm very career oriented," Kooiman explained. "What's your advice in just a couple sentences?"

"My advice is, as the years go on and you find that you want, if you do, to get married and settle down, to understand time is going to be your greatest enemy," Venker opined. "Not your husband, not men, not the government, not your employers. It’s time, there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything."

"So if you learn to embrace that side of yourself that isn’t about work," she continued. "In other words, the nurturing side, the motherhood, all of that. It’s okay to let your husband bring home that full-time income so you can have more of a balanced life."

"And we should really be thanking men for this, not saying they’re in our way or not doing enough."

Host Clayton Morris concluded by thanking Venker for writing the column because "there's not one thing in here I disagreed with."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Dec. 8, 2013.

(h/t: Think Progress)