George Zimmerman vents on Twitter after freelancer shoots video of him picking up guns
George Zimmerman falsely told 911 his girlfriend was pregnant [HuffPost Live]

George Zimmerman got his guns back after police dropped domestic violence charges against him.

TMZ posted video of Zimmerman, who gained notoriety after shooting and killing an unarmed teen in his Florida neighborhood, picking up weapons with the girlfriend who told police that he’d pointed a gun at her face and forced her from her home.

The girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, later recanted her allegations and the charges were dropped.

TMZ reported that Zimmerman picked up his own guns Wednesday that had been seized during his domestic violence arrest, and the website reported that he went Thursday with Scheibe to pick up her guns, which were also seized in the investigation.

Zimmerman and Scheibe declined to answer questions asked by the photographer about their relationship, his well-being and a painting he’s selling on eBay.

Bidding has passed $100,000 for the painting of a stylized American flag with the words, “God, One Nation, with Liberty and Justice for All,” painted in white letters on the darker stripes.

Zimmerman posted a photo of the freelance videographer’s license plate on his Twitter account, which he started this week and uses the same name – therealgeorgez – as his eBay auction.

“Owner of this vehicle is pseudo media,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon. “Harassing me at the Sheriffs office today. Get a clue, I still wont talk 2 u. “

He then said the photographer and an accomplice chased him from the courthouse in their vehicle, but he lost them on an access road.

The photographer replied, saying that she and her husband – who look for celebrities to photograph on a freelance basis -- did not harass or follow Zimmerman.

“We were not following him, we got pictures and we were leaving and all of a sudden he was behind us,” posted momandpaparazzi.

Zimmerman dismissed both claims by calling the photographer a “liar.”

The photographer fended off attacks from Zimmerman’s supporters, who told her to get a real job.

The Raw Story contacted the photographer through her website, but she has not yet returned a phone call seeking comment.

Zimmerman was acquitted in July in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and he’s been using his Twitter account to repost words of encouragement from his supporters.

“(H)ey brother, got nothing but respect for you!” posted one supporter, AlexDaGawd. “(W)as running around the house cheering when you got not guilty!!”