Massachusetts cops intercept more than 1,000 bags of 'Obama Care' heroin

State police in Massachusetts intercepted a vehicle carrying 1,250 bags of heroin marked "Obama Care" and "Kurt Cobain" on Friday.

The Massachusetts State Police Facebook page announced Friday morning that State Troopers Joe Petty and Dave Stucenski -- assisted by K9 Officer Frankie -- intercepted the drugs and arrested the occupants of the vehicle in Hatfield, Massachusetts.

Petty was on duty early Friday when he noticed a vehicle with multiple violations. He pulled the vehicle over and reportedly observed evidence of narcotics use. He called for backup and a K9 unit in order to conduct a search of the stopped vehicle.

K9 Officer Frankie, said the Facebook page, signaled positive for the presence of narcotics. A search by the officers revealed hundreds and hundreds of bags of heroin prepared for sale.

Most of the bags were stamped "Obama Care," while others read "Kurt Cobain."

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