Springsteen joins Jimmy Fallon in hilarious 'Born to Run' parody mocking Christie

New Jersey's most famous son showed up on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" to poke fun at the ongoing "Bridgegate" scandal.

Bruce Springsteen joined host Jimmy Fallon to perform a parody of his iconic 1975 hit, "Born To Run," while wearing identical costumes.

"We're stuck in Gov. Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey, traffic jam," the pair sang, somehow shoehorning those topical lyrics into the song's chorus structure.

Christie's staffers are accused of shutting down lanes on the George Washington Bridge in political retribution against the city's mayor.

"Baby, this 'Bridgegate' was a big payback, it's a bitchslap to the state Democrats," Fallon sang.

Fallon sang first, wearing a wig, bandana, sunglasses and denim vest to look like Springsteen in the mid-1970s, and strumming an acoustic guitar.

"They shut down the tollbooths of glory because we didn't endorse Christie," he sang.

The crowd roared in approval as Fallon was joined after the first verse by Springsteen, who was dressed in an identical costume.

"Governor, let me in I wanna be your friend, there'll be no partisan divisions," sang Springsteen, who has campaigned for Democratic candidates. "Let me wrap my legs around your mighty rims and relieve your stressful condition."

The pair poked fun at Christie's news conference on the scandal last week, which saw the governor take questions for nearly two hours.

"The press conference went on and on, it was like one of my own damn shows," sang Springsteen, whose concerts are known for their epic length.

Watch the entire performance posted online by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: