Coke commercial angers Twitter racists: 'Speak American' because 'your in America'

A Coca Cola advertisement that celebrated the United States’ cultural diversity inspired a Twitter hashtag urging others to #SpeakAmerican and #BoycottCoke.

The one-minute ad that aired during the Super Bowl featured a multiracial cast as voices sang “America The Beautiful” in a variety of languages.

That outraged many viewers, who suggested that English was the country’s official language.

Speak AmericanNever buying coke again

We speak English

American song

Other patriotic Americans apparently confused the song with the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

National anthem 1

National anthem 2

Other English-language absolutists displayed lax enforcement standards in their own grammar and spelling.

Foreign decent


Your in America 1

Some commentators used the spot to press a political point.

Illegals crossing border

>Combined agenda

Of course, this being the Internet, there were others who had nothing else to contribute than blatantly racist remarks.

I'm not racist but

Terrorist language

Racial slurs

Watch the entire ad posted online by Super Bowl XLVIII Official: