Fox News guest tells Hannity: 'Overfed' non-whites use food stamps as a 'fat pill'
Gavin McInnes (Fox News)

Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes on Tuesday told Fox News host Sean Hannity not to demonize white people because it was the black Dominicans in New York who were abusing food stamps as a "fat pill."

During a panel discussion, Hannity asked his guests to respond to a 29-year-old California surfer who had allegedly been using the food stamp program instead of getting a job.

"This guy doesn't personify the problem," McInnes opined. "You see a middle-class white surfer kid. Here in New York, Dominicans go to the grocery store with their food stamps and the barrels that they ship back to the Dominican Republic are available at the grocery store."

"But it's more palatable to use this surfer than it is to use people who represent the problem here," he said.

Democratic activist Jehmu Greene pointed out that it was wrong to demonize the food assistance program and hungry children because of one surfer that Bill O'Reilly's producer found in California.

"Why not? Let's demonize them!" McInnes exclaimed. "Have you seen the poor? They’re gigantic! They’re overfed!"

"There’s enough food and enough clothes in America. We’re full," he continued.

"Talk to a hungry child," Greene suggested.

"I'd love to," McInnes quipped. "I can't talk to them, they're too big, they can't get off their chair. So, have you ever see a skinny poor American child?"

"Obesity is a big problem when it comes to the food that they have access to in these stores that accept food stamps," Greene pointed out.

"Yeah, the sheer volume of it," McInnes shot back. "It's just a fat pill."

McInnes, who co-founded Vice and then left in 2008, came under fire late last year for exploding at a woman who said she could be happy without children.

Update (2:45 p.m. ET): In a profane tweet to Raw Story, McInnes suggested that he had been unfairly characterized in this report.

"I never said 'blacks' you f*cking liar," he wrote.

[Ed. note: The original headline on this story referred to 'blacks,' but McInnes was objecting to "whites" serving for examples of welfare abuse, and referred to "Dominicans," only some of whom are black.]

Watch the video below from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast Feb. 25, 2014.

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