Lunch lady threatens to 'shoot up' Mass. school with AK-47 in cookie quarrel

Police arrested a cafeteria cook after coworkers said she threatened to shoot up a Massachusetts school over a batch of burned cookies.

Officers said Wendy Farris started “going off” Friday afternoon after a colleague said she’d overcooked a batch of cookies and started baking a new order, reported WFXT-TV.

Witnesses told police that Ferris went to the cafeteria manager’s office in an “uproar” over the dispute, and she told the manager to find another cook because she evidently did not know how to do her job properly.

Then she made an apparent threat that police said led to her arrest.

"I'm thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!" Ferris said, according to the police report.

The manager told officers that Ferris left the office mumbling profanities, and the superintendent of King Phillip Schools in Norfolk called police a short time later.

A coworker told police that Ferris had made similar threats earlier in the day and possibly had compiled a hit list that included the name of another school employee who had previously failed to say hello.

The worker laughed it off initially but reported the incident to police after speaking to the manager later in the afternoon.

Coworkers said Ferris was a hunter and owned firearms.

A judge set bond Monday at $5,000 and ordered her to surrender her guns and stay away from the school and its staff.

Watch this report posted online by WFXT-TV:

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