Megyn Kelly complains: Obama won't take Fox News criticism 'like a man'
Fox News host Megyn Kelly

Fox News host Megyn Kelly clashed with Democratic strategist James Carville on Tuesday regarding President Barack Obama's Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly, with Kelly describing the president as thin-skinned for pushing back against O'Reilly's line of questioning.

"I do think it's interesting that the president seems so focused on us," Kelly told Carville. "I never heard President [George W.] Bush do this about MSNBC. He was taking his licks like a man."

"He gave you an interview on the day of the Super Bowl," Carville responded. "The biggest audience you have."

"So why did he waste his time complaining about his coverage when he's got most of the mainstream media in his pocket?" Kelly shot back, a complaint shared by other Fox colleagues.

During the O'Reilly interview, Obama accused Fox of manufacturing conspiracies to drive their viewership, a sentiment Carville referenced.

"I think the IRS scandal wasn't much of a scandal," Carville said. "It's been investigated, and we know everything we knew about Benghazi from the Pickering-Mullin report. Bill's a big guy, he's got the No. 1 show on cable TV, the president's the President of the United States, they go after each other a little bit."

Watch Kelly's interview with Carville, as posted online by "Washington Free Beacon," below.