On Tuesday's edition of CNN's Wolf, host Wolf Blitzer addressed in great detail the Nazi past of 'subhuman mongrel' used by rocker Ted Nugent to describe President Barack Obama.

With Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott (R-TX) already facing criticism over campaigning with 'sexual predator' Ted Nugent at his side, Wolf Blitzer wondered if the Abbott campaign was aware of Nugent's use of racially loaded term 'subhuman mongrel'.

Speaking with Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News, Blitzer pointed out, "That’s what the Nazis called Jews to justify the genocide of the Jewish community.”

“They called them ‘untermenschen,’ subhuman mongrels, if you read some of the literature that the Nazis put out there, there is a long history of that specific phrase he used involving the President of the United States.”

Slater responded that it was a phrase that is "deeply offensive, to some voters, and not just Democratic voters, but other voters,” before adding “might that phrase be a kind of dog whistle, and code to exactly some of the voters that Greg Abbott wants?”

Blitzer then went on to quote Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher who wrote: ‘The Jew is a mongrel. He has hereditary tendencies from Aryans, Asiatics, Negroes, and from the Mongolians. Evil always preponderates in the case of a mongrel.’

Blitzer went to wonder if Nugent is aware of the history of the phrase and whether the Texas Republicans know "what this means to so many people out there?'

Watch the video below: