NY GOP rep who threatened, bullied reporter won't be threatened, bullied by Bill Maher
Rep. Michael Grimm (Facebook)

Michael Grimm, who threatened to throw a NY1 reporter off of a balcony on-air for asking questions about corruption, has now taken on television comedian Bill Maher in a fundraising email sent to his supporters.

Maher recently selected Grimm (R-NY), along with Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX), as one of the two worst representatives in the country, vowing to oust them from office as part of his 'Flip a District' campaign.

According to the New York Observer, Grimm's campaign sent out an email over the weekend, decrying Maher's “anti-Catholic, leftist propaganda.”

“Bill Maher is hardly the spokesman for traditional American values, in fact – he’s the opposite,” wrote Mr. Grimm.

The fund-raising email, titled “The Liberals Are Coming,” draws attention to Maher's well known antipathy towards organized religion, stating: “When it comes to Maher’s judgement, what should we expect from the man who said, ‘The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs.’”

Grimm also cites recently elected New York City mayor Bill de Blasio as part of the "liberal takeover of NYC."

“Like Bill Maher, the DCCC and Mayor de Blasio (aka the most progressive Mayor of New York City has ever seen) want this seat because it would make their lives much easier – let’s face it, I am the only one standing between them and a liberal take over of NYC. I am the only Republican Congressman who represents a borough within New York City, a city of 8.5 million people. THEY WANT ME GONE!” Mr. Grimm wrote.

Grimm came to Bill Maher,  and the nation's attention, when his threat to break reporter Michael Scotto "in two" and throw him off a balcony following the President's State of the Union speech, was caught live on TV.

Scotto had attempted to ask Grimm about allegations of his involvement in an illegal 'donor-swapping' scheme to avoid campaign limits , only to be brushed off by the congressman.

As Scotto wrapped up his report, Grimm rushed at him and made his threats which were captured on film.

Watch Grimm's altercation with NY1 reporter Michael Scotto below: