Watch: Sarah Palin revises kid's book "Green Eggs and Ham" for an enthralled CPAC crowd

Failed Vice Presidential candidate and half-term governor Sarah Palin made her appearance at CPAC today, delighting an easily-amused crowd with an updated recitation of the GOP's favorite go-to book, Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham."

Palin reminded the crowd of Republican Senator Ted Cruz's filibuster in September, when the Texas senator read his "daughters favorite bedtime story" - Green Eggs and Ham - to an empty Senate chamber.

Stating that Cruz read the book on the floor of the Senate "through airwaves", telling his children "I'm thinking of you," Palin reminded the crowd that she has five kids herself and claimed to have the book memorized.

She then explained that she taken the book and "spiced it up a little" for her developmentally-disabled son Trig saying, "...and little Trig, lucky little fella, his bedtime story, now it goes something like this."

Palin then launched into a brief version of the children's book beginning with: "I do not like this, Uncle Sam. I do not like this healthcare scam."

In her sing-song litany Palin then proceeded to mention government spending, "cooking the books", media coverage of herself, and governmental spying as things she doesn't like.

Watch the video below from CSPAN: