Demon-obsessed Christian columnist: Monkeys have better morals than gay people

Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani said monkeys have better morals than gay people as he complained that his columns should be more widely available.

“Writing of the moral decline in the U.S. has become almost a guarantee that my articles will be tucked away in the faith section or used as filler during days of religious observances,” sniffed Bresciani, who writes primarily about demons and LGBT people for several conservative websites.

He attacks Bill O’Reilly as insufficiently opposed to same-sex marriage and complains about commercials advertising gold or retirement investments that air frequently during Fox News programming.

“Academics are assuring our children that they are the progeny of monkeys who are now on the cusp of conquering the stars,” Bresciani said. “Yet, even the monkeys have not blurred gender distinctions nor do they indiscriminately destroy their young on a daily basis. They exist without hoarding gold and silver or prepare for retirement. Is it time to tell the Darwinists that acting like monkeys is not proof of evolution?”

Several species of primates engage in homosexual behavior, as do many other species in the animal kingdom.

“We are not the dung under the feet of Barack Obama and his horrible notion of ‘Change,’” Bresciani said. “We are not the dupes of indoctrination for academic fools who soothe themselves with tenure, turpitude, and depravity masquerading as classical formal education.”

He continues.

“It will take a national revival to call God back to our side,” Bresciani said. “First to forgive us, second to renew our commitment to righteousness and lastly to show our resolve to a world that is plunging in unison to what we now well know will lead to -- Armageddon.”

[Image: Attractive gay men in corner wearing hats via Shutterstock]