Florida atheist who attacked roommate over Jesus resemblance demands godless attorney

A Florida atheist demands a like-minded attorney to represent him for attacking his roommate.

Gustav Potthoff, who is penniless, told a judge Thursday that he wanted an attorney who also denied the existence of God.

But the judge told the 51-year-old Potthoff he must pay for his own attorney if he insisted on an atheist, reported the Orlando Sentinel, or otherwise he was stuck with a public defender.

“It's just my human rights and everything else," Potthoff argued, against the advice of his court-appointed attorney. "I'm allowed to be with someone of my own kind."

Pontoff also rejected the idea of an agnostic attorney.

“It’s a sacrilegious thing,” he told the judge.

Potthoff is accused of attacking his roommate with a butter knife because he thought the man was Jesus.

The roommate, Ramon Hernandez, said Pontoff threw a glass at him while watching television at their home.

The glass missed and shattered against a wall, but Hernandez said Pontoff came at him with the knife.