Hannity guest: Women spring breakers are 'human garbage whose parents don't love them'

Culminating a week of Sean Hannity shows dedicated to expressing concern over college student antics while on spring break - accompanied by gratuitous footage of drinking, jiggling breasts, and twerking butts - frequent Hannity guest Gavin McInnes pointed out that the women who take part in the annual pilgrimage are "human garbage."

“The women there are human garbage whose parents don’t love them.” McInnes said, outraging many female members of the in-studio panel convened to discuss the traditional college rite of passage.

McInnes had had earlier stated that he had no problem with letting his sons go, but drew that line at letting his daughters attend.

“My daughter, there’s no way in hell she’s going there, but with my sons, I hope they have a great time.” he said.

Chloe Melas of Hollywood Life attempted to explain to McInnes that men want to go where the women are.

"You think guys only want to hang out with their boys on spring break? They want girls there too!”

Addressing a panel-wide concern over date rape she added, “I don’t think a girl is going to date rape me, I think a guy is going to date rape me!”

Former police officer and media personality Bo Dietl, speaking as the father of both boys and girls, explained that drunken women are the ones you have to watch out for.

"I'll tell you the honest truth. I worry more about my daughters drinking than my sons, because my daughters are more out, and when they went on a date - their first date - when they were young kids, I worried about the poor guy that were going out with," he said over the crosstalk. " Because women are more aggressive than men."

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