Massachusetts candidate for governor says Obama loves 'sexual anarchy' and might be gay

A conservative pastor who hopes to be the next governor of Massachusetts thinks President Barack Obama might be gay because of his support for same-sex marriage.

"I think Mr. Obama may well be a homosexual himself," Scott Lively told UK's Channel 4 News in an interview published last week. "He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 percent invested in the homosexual agenda."

He also said Obama was trying to "legitimize sexual perversion" and destroy religious values.

"He is lending the weight of his office to a movement that's goal is to overturn the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic and replace it with the gay ethic of sexual anarchy. That's what he's doing," Lively explained.

Lively has been accused of violating international law by inciting the persecution of LGBT individuals in Uganda. The Center for Constitutional Rights claims that the pastor helped inspire notorious anti-LGBT legislation known as the “Kill the Gays” bill.

A watered-down version of the bill was signed into law earlier this year. It makes homosexuality a criminal offense punishable by life in prison.

Lively announced last year that he planned to run for governor of Massachusetts.

"The people of this state need a candidate who can clearly and unapologetically articulate Biblical values without fear or compromise. They need a candidate who will tell the simple truth that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is condemned by God (but that Jesus forgives and heals those who repent)," he said in a statement.

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