Missing 3-year-old boy discovered inside claw machine at Nebraska bowling alley

A missing Nebraska boy was found playing with toys inside a claw machine at a bowling alley near his home.

The boy’s mother reported the 3-year-old missing Monday night, saying he’s slipped out an unlocked door in their apartment while she was using the bathroom.

Police said a child matching the boy’s description had been found inside the vending machine at Madsen's Bowling & Billiards, across the street from the family’s home.

The boy was uninjured and playing happily with stuffed animals inside the machine, and bowling alley employees and workers from the vending machine company removed him safely.

Police said they would not cite the mother because they found no indication of neglect, and she acted quickly and appropriately after finding her son was gone.

Watch this video posted online by the Omaha World-Herald: