OK. man impersonates police officer, demands discount spray tan, gets arrested instead

A Tulsa, Oklahoma man is jail after flashing a stolen police badge at the manager of a tanning salon and demanding a discount on a spray tan, according to News9 Oklahoma.

Dustin Lee Bell, 25, was arrested after the arguing with the salon manager that he should only be charged $10 for a $34 spray tan. After the manager returned from calling the police, he noticed that a bottle of tanning lotion has disappeared from behind the counter.

When police arrived, they found Bell wearing a police badge on his sweater that he said he found in a South Tulsa car wash. Contacting dispatch, officers were told that the badge had been reported stolen by a Sand Springs police officer.

Bell was taken into custody and, during the booking inventory process, it was discovered he had a Sam's Club card in his wallet belonging to the same police officer.

Bell faces charges of possessing stolen property, larceny, and false impersonation of a police officer.

[photo Tulsa PD mugshot]