Tea Party candidate Greg Brannon insists 'in Obamacare there are death panels'

Five years after the "death panel" was named as PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year," one Republican candidate for U.S. Senate insists the murderous medical board is real.

Speaking at campaign event in Wilson, North Carolina on Sunday, candidate Greg Brannon mentioned death panels while expressing his desire to outlaw abortion nationwide.

"In the Fifth Amendment, every person should never be taken away their life, liberty or property," he remarked, noting that multiple Republicans had introduced bills to Congress to define human life as beginning at the moment of conception.

"Just like we did in 1866, we said an ex-piece-of-property, a slave, is a human being, they get inalienable rights, so you make it a law in Congress, then you have a debate in all 50 states. I guarantee three-quarters [of states] would say without a doubt, 'That is a person.' I see the heartbeat at 0.21 centimeters every day. Brain activity on the notochord by 19 days."

"Let's have that debate in love and kindness, because those who don't believe it, sometimes they just don't know the material. They're just told certain things. So that is why it is important to do it with love and kindness."

Brannon then pivoted from abortion to Obamacare and death panels.

"Here is the problem, you start changing the definition of 'persons' -- Mr. Peter Singer is a bioethicist at Princeton, he's an atheist, an animal rights activist, he believes life begins at conception, because who cares? It's only a human, it is not a person. It is only a person if it is beneficial to society. That means you can let go of cleft palate babies, old people who are 53 with a bad kidney. See, in Obamacare there are death panels. I don't care what you call them. Fifteen people decide who gets health care and who does not. The sad part is, they give it to themselves and their friends."

The "death panel" refers to the IPAB, or Independent Payment Advisory Board, a 15-member independent government agency tasked with finding and recommending ways to reduce Medicare spending.

Watch video below.