Twitter conservatives howl after Stephen Colbert named to replace David Letterman

The announcement Thursday afternoon that Stephen Colbert had been named the replacement for the retiring David Letterman on CBS’ “Late Night” elicited a range of emotions from Twitter users – sometimes within the same tweet.

Some were magnanimous.

Others were pessimistic.

Some observers noted the irony that Colbert had gotten the prestigious gig less than two weeks after Twitter users demanded that Comedy Central #CancelColbert for a joke many found offensive was posted on the network's Twitter account for the show.

Even the president piled on.

But there was also a lot of pain -- particularly in the posterior region, and especially on the right.

And thus ends the conservative media stakeout of Fox News back-bencher Greg Gutfeld's house, waiting for the CBS limo to pull up. That was a fun couple of days, but there's still hope!