Anti-gay Texas talk show host gets her 'heart pounded' by half-naked male strippers

Amy Kushnir, the talk show host thrust into the national spotlight this week for storming off the set during a discussion about football player Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, had a slightly different take about TV sexuality when members of the Chippendales male stripper troupe dropped by the studio.

The host of the Texas morning show had previously been seen sparring  with co-host Courtney Kerr about the appropriateness of a live on-screen kiss between two gay men, saying "when parents do not have a choice whether they want their children to see this -- it's wrong."

Kushnir didn't seem to have those same reservations as she giddily introduced a segment featuring the Chippendale dancers on a previous episode of The Broadcast.

"Talk about getting your heart pounded," she says leading into the segment.

Kushnir goes on, "Our next guests are definitely talented in that area. They're part of the Chippendales and here a rem--- I'm already blushing..." before  giggling and becoming incoherent and introducing a Chippendales promotional video, with "...take a look."

In the video we see male strippers kissing and rubbing up against paying female customers all set to a throbbing beat.

Kushnir proceeds to do a sit-down interview with three of the strippers, asking, "Can you tell me, in a nutshell, what your job is like on a daily basis."

After a question and answer period where all of the hosts of The Broadcast are quizzed on stripper trivia ("Amy, I feel like you'll know this answer too: Name two actors in Magic Mike") Kushnir is hoisted up by two of the strippers while she promotes their upcoming show.

Kushnir recently appeared on The Kelly Files saying that she has received death threats for her views on homosexuality.

Watch the video from The Broadcast below:

H/T Mediaite.