Chicago-area porn-hating Catholic priest arrested for exposing himself at a gas station

A Chicago-area Catholic priest,who has campaigned in his parish against Internet pornography, has been arrested for publicly exposing himself at a gas station, reports WREX13.

Monsignor Aaron R. Brodeski, 44, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of public indecency relating to an incident at a Road Ranger Gas Station, where witnesses say he exposed himself inside the gas station and then again in the parking lot.

According to Winnebego County Sheriff Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro, Brodeski's actions were observed by adults but no children were present.

Employees at the gas station contacted authorities who were able to track Brodeski down after being provided with his license plate number.

Following the issuance of a warrant, Brodeski turned himself in to authorities and was released after posting bail.

Brodeski recently held a meeting for parents in his parish, warning about the addictive qualities for online pornography for teens, calling it a "fishhook," saying "Even if they believe in their heads everything our Church has taught, their bodies believe what the porn culture is teaching them.”

The Rockford Diocese has released a statement regarding Brodeski, saying that he had been placed on leave and sent for evaluation and treatment for "any difficulties affecting his conduct and ministry," after the incident last month.

According to the diocese,  Brodeski was arrested following his return from evaluation.