A religious radio broadcaster who speculated that the hit movie “Frozen” was satanic tool for indoctrinating young lesbians said he believed pop singer Beyoncé Knowles may be possessed by demons.

Kevin Swanson said last week on his Generations Radio program that the singer’s former persona, Sasha Fierce, might have inducted her into Satanism, reported Right Wing Watch.

“That’s multiple personality or that’s demon possession or that’s psychosis -- that's something,” Swanson said. “People used to have to be taken off to insane asylums if they introduced other characters in their lives, these are people who are going to wind up in insane asylums, mental institutes for things like demon possession or psychosis.”

Pop singers such as David Bowie, and Garth Brooks have adopted new personae to signal a shift in style or to generate new interest in their work – but Swanson and American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer have claimed more sinister motives in Knowles’ alter ego.

Swanson also said during the same program that homosexuality was “one of the most devastating sins” because it destroyed family and sexual relationships, although public attitudes have drifted away from his own.

“What’s shifted now, it’s this incredible demonic shift, where what used to be the most devastating, the most horrific thing that could ever happen to a family, has become the highest virtue,” said Swanson, adding that his claims were based on careful study of 1,960 years of homosexual history.

Watch an in-depth examination of Beyoncé and the occult posted online by Daniel Rivera: