Speaking prior to Mother's Day weekend, a Christian radio host suggested that American women are taking anti-depressants because of the "weight and the guilt of having had an abortion," according to audio provided by Right Wing Watch.

On his Faith and Freedom radio broadcast, Christian radio talker Matt Barber cited a survey which stated that 40% of child-bearing American women have had an abortion before adding, "As we look at Mother's Day ....it is little wonder so many of them are taking anti-depressants."

"40% of women of child-bearing age have had an abortion. That is an astounding number, " Barber can be heard saying. "As we look at Mother's Day, you know, it's little wonder so many of them are taking anti-depressants, carrying the burden of that."

Saying that women know "in their heart of hearts" that they "killed their own child" despite what "the left and Planned Parenthood" tell them, Barber speculates that women who have had an abortion, "have a void, an emptiness now."

Barber concludes: "So, on Mother's Day, there are mothers of dead babies walking around feeling the weight and the guilt of having had an abortion."

A review of studies conducted  in 2011 revealed that, while:  "women with an unwanted pregnancy have a higher incidence of mental health problems in general. This is not affected by whether or not they have an abortion or give birth."

Listen to the audio below via Right Wing Watch: