Comedian Joe Rogan mocks Christian 'f*ckheads' with tattoos: Read the entire Bible!

Comedian and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator Joe Rogan doesn't understand why working-class people vote Republican, or why Christians hate gay people but love shrimp.

Tuesday on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the comedian and his guest -- Canadian author Nick Cutter -- noted that working-class conservatives often voted against their own interests by supporting candidates who favored big business.

"What is really fascinating about it is that they're always supporting big business, but yet no one gets f*cked over more than blue collar folks when it comes to big business. No one gets f*cked over more."

"If you think about it, the people who are less educated, for the most part, are more likely to work for a company or need a company to employ them," Rogan continued. "Those are more likely people who are going to get lower paying jobs, those are more likely people who are going to need some form of public assistance, but yet those are the people that have this pull yourself up by your own bootstraps mentality, and that, 'Well these f*cking welfare rats,' they have all these crazy ideas in there head."

Educated people were better able to fend for themselves, yet they were also more likely to support public assistance programs and environmental regulations, Rogan said.

He agreed with the conservative view that people needed to overcome economic hardships to become better individuals, but said the idea that only lazy people used welfare programs was ridiculous.

"The pull yourself up by the bootstraps, in a lot of ways, that is good advice. Unfortunately, it gets conglomerated with and attached to this hatred towards homosexuals, this weird f*cking pro-war stance," Rogan remarked.

"A strong religious context and flavor to things," Cutter added, saying that religious people sometimes isolated themselves from non-religious people.

"There is a disconnect," Rogan replied. "If you subscribe to religion and all of its principles by the book, there is just a massive disconnect you have to have with reality itself. You're believing in Adam and Eve and resurrections and miracles with no evidence whatsoever to support any of these things that are completely contrary to anything you've ever experienced and all of the evidence you see of science. Oh, the Earth is only 6,000 years old, according to this book? Oh, ok."

"Meanwhile, they'll talk bad about homosexuals while they're eating a shrimp cocktail," he said. "Yo dude, you've gotta read the whole book, because there is more shit about not eating shellfish than there is about being gay. You're not supposed to eat shrimp, you're not supposed to eat pigs -- there is a lot of shit that you're doing wrong -- you're not supposed to work on Saturday. You're not supposed to have religious tattoos, you f*ckhead. You're not supposed to tattoo your body. That is in the Bible. People have religious tattoos. Talk about not reading the whole book."

Watch video below.