In his weekly call-in to Fox & Friends today, real estate investor and reality show host Donald Trump railed against the media for reporting on what he said during his call  into Fox & Friends last week.

Last week, Trump addressed the fallout over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist rant to his 'personal assistant' after she posted Instagram pictures of herself posing with black people. Sterling has since been banned for life by the NBA and may be forced to sell his franchise. Towards the end of Trump's call he referred to Sterling's assistant as the "girlfriend from hell."

Trump has since become enraged with the media for focusing on the 'girlfriend from hell' comment and for portraying him as a Sterling apologist.

“I knocked the hell out of Donald Sterling for five minutes, said what a bad guy, said, you know, horrible things he said,” Trump said. “And then I said just in passing and by the way, the 'girlfriend from hell,' and everybody laughed. Which is obviously true -- I mean this girlfriend is taping him, and with very bad intentions obviously. She’s bad news."

After Trump stated that nobody had been as hard on Sterling as he had been and that the press hadn't given him credit for it, host Elizabeth Hasselbeck agreed.

"Yeah, you were one of the first and one of the most harsh when it came to comments  on Donald Sterling, " she said. "So, the facts are the facts."

Speaking of the press, Trump called them "really dishonest people" and suggested that we should "reinstate libel laws."

"You know, we should reinstate libel laws, so that you can go after people nowadays when they make really egregious statements," he said. "But, unfortunately, the libel laws in this country are ridiculous."

Co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed with Trump, saying "you could Google" any of their names before he turned the conversation away from Sterling and on to Benghazi.

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by Jim Browski