'F-cking bullsh-t': Michigan teen fined $200 for swearing near a playground

A 19-year-old Michigan man was fined $200 for swearing near a playground after his friend was ticketed for skateboarding.

Colin Anderson said he was hanging out last month with friends in a parking lot near the Imagination Station in Brighton when the officer ticketed his friend.

The officer then told the group to leave, and Anderson complained, “This is some f-cking bullsh-t,” under his breath.

He told the Livingston Daily no children heard his profane complaint, but the officer did.

“What got me to start arguing a little bit, they were asking all of us to leave because he got a ticket,” Andersen said. “That’s not fair. We’re just standing around.”

Anderson, who said he had never even received a speeding ticket, fought the citation before a Livingston County District Court magistrate but lost.

He said police should have issued him a warning before the ticket, and he disputes police claims that the officer did warn him.

“I don’t think I deserve this ticket,” Anderson said. “I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

Brighton Police Chief Tom Wightman chuckled over Anderson’s claim that he muttered the profanity under his breath.

“That would require an officer with some incredible hearing,” Wightman said.

City ordinances prohibit disorderly conduct, including language that causes a breach of the peace, and Wightman said the teen’s citation was issued because he cursed in the “immediate vicinity of a municipal playground occupied by very young children.”

[Image: Sullen teenager shows the middle finger. Isolated on a white background via Shutterstock]