John Oliver pits Bill Nye and 96 scientists against 3 climate change-denying 'dudes'

Addressing a recently released report on climate change, John Oliver invited the ubiquitous Bill Nye the Science Guy on to Last Week Tonight to debate a generic climate change denier before adding more panel members to mathematically represent scientific consensus.

Following clips of news anchors and President Barack Obama pointing out that climate change is happening now, Oliver called it a "key shift in how to talk about climate change."

"We've been repeatedly asked 'Don't you want to leave a better Earth for your grandchildren?" Oliver asked. "And we've all collectively responded "Eh, fuck 'em.'"

Alluding to a Gallup poll showing 1 in 4 Americans are skeptical of climate change, Oliver said, "Who gives a shit?"

"That doesn't matter. You don't need people's opinions on a fact," he explained. "You might as well have a poll asking,'Which number is bigger? 15 or 5? Or, do owls exist? Or, are there hats?'"

Pointing out that every debate on climate change on cable TV includes Bill Nye and "some dude," Oliver invited Nye on the show to debate a climate change denier, but then added two more climate deniers and 96 more scientists representing the 97% of the scientific community who believe that climate change is a fact.

Watch the video below courtesy of HBO: