Mentally disabled Arab-American says Michigan cops assaulted him

A mentally disabled Michigan man claims he was assaulted by police on his way home from work in December.

The Arab American News posted raw dashboard camera video from the incident Wednesday on its Facebook page showing Ali Beydoun being thrown to the ground and kicked when he failed to comply with police orders.

Dearborn, Mich., police said Wednesday night they had reviewed the Dec. 7 incident and found officers acted lawfully and appropriately.

Police said they became suspicious of Beydoun as he rode his bicycle home from work at 4:47 a.m. because he was not appropriately dressed for 20-degree weather.

He also did not have a bicycle light and disregarded stop signs as he rode in a neighborhood that had recently experienced auto break-ins.

The executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said a civil rights lawsuit would be filed against Dearborn police.

The 34-minute video shows a police cruiser with its lights off pull up and switch on its lights as Beydoun hunches over to do something with his bicycle's rear tire.

The officer approaches and asks Beydoun for ID, and the bicyclist says he has none with him.

The officer puts on some gloves and says he is going to pat down Beydoun, who says no.

He continues saying no until officer wrestles him to the ground and calls for backup, pressing his face to the concrete as Beydoun struggles to turn over onto his back.

After a second officer arrives, the struggle moves out of view, but Beydoun can be heard giving his name and address.

The Arab American News reported that Beydoun was treated and released from a nearby hospital but never charged.

A photo Beydoun said was taken at the hospital shows abrasions on his face, and he said he also suffered a back injury.

Watch this video of the incident posted online by TheArabAmericanNews: