Pastor: Climate change is not man-made, it’s a sign that Jesus is coming back

On his Hagee Hotline show, Pastor Matthew Hagee told his listeners that climate change is not man made, but was foretold in the Bible as a sign that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, according to Right Wing Watch.

Hagee points out that the reports by scientists indicating the climate change can attributed to man made causes should not be believed because "in another place in scripture it says, 'let God be true, and every man be a liar'."

Citing Matthew 25, where the Bible says that "strange weather patterns" would emerge prior to the arrival of Jesus, Hagee says we must take the word of God over men, "who are wrong, in spite of their education, in spite of their expertise, in spite of their philosophy. Whomever, and whatever, contradicts the word of God, is not correct."

Hagee goes on to explain that man should not waste time trying to "make everything as clean in the air as possible," and that time would be better spent telling people about the return of Jesus.

"The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there would be strange weather patterns," Haee explained. "Jesus said this in Matthew the twenty-fifth chapter. So we have a decision to make: do we believe what an environmentalist group says and choose to live in a world where we're attempting to make everything as clean in the air as possible, or do we believe what the Bible says, that these things were going to happen and that rather than try to clean up all of the air and solve all of the problems of the world by eliminating factories, we should start to tell people about Jesus Christ who is to return?"

Watch the video below from Right Wing Watch:

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