Serial insurrectionist Larry Klayman calls again for revolution -- this time to hinder Hillary
Tea Party activist Larry Klayman (CNN)

Conservative activist Larry Klayman is calling for a pre-emptive revolution to spare the republic from a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Although the next presidential election is more than two years away and Clinton has not formally announced her candidacy, Klayman is calling for a “second American Revolution,” reported Right Wing Watch.

“By the standards of yesteryear, Richard Nixon is not a crook, and whatever his shortcomings, Tricky Dick at least was not a traitor,” Klayman wrote Friday at World Net Daily. “Hillary Clinton, following the lead of her corrupt predecessors and her own felonious history and continuing modus operandi (and Benghazi is just one recent example during her tenure as Obama’s secretary of state), would make Nixon look like a saint.”

Klayman sued the Bill Clinton presidential administration 18 times as founder of Judicial Watch, and he fears that the former president’s return to power.

“The possible election of the female partner of the Bonnie and Clyde duo of Bill and Hillary Clinton would usher in the death knell of the United States of America,” Klayman warned. “Having fought the Clintons tooth and nail during the 1990s, and having pursued them for their commission of a host of crimes, ranging from Whitewater, to China-gate, to Travel-gate, and Monica Lewinsky-gate to name just a few of the 40 or so of their misdeeds, I speak from experience.”

He also has experience organizing rallies to overturn election results he doesn’t like.

Klayman last promised a “second American Revolution” in November to send President Barack Obama back to Iran, but the rally drew only about 130 protesters and did not succeed in ousting any government officials.

The Tea Party activist -- who has sued Obama over his birth documents, the Minneapolis City Pages and the Phoenix Sun-Times, his ex-wife, an Ohio family court official, and his own mother – also claimed Sunday night in a radio appearance that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts had been blackmailed into ruling in favor of the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act.

“Unfortunately, there’s no way to sue the Supreme Court for decisions that it makes,” Klayman told WNYM-AM. “There should be, and there should be a way to remove these justices for making decisions like that.”