Thousands apply for Chinese 'sexual content appraiser' jobs dedicated to eradicating porn

In an effort to crack down on online porn and inappropriate dating websites "endangering public morality" Chinese companies are offering jobs as 'sexual content appraisers' and are being inundated with job applicants.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a campaign known as "Cleaning the Web 2014," has shut down 110 websites and deleted 3,300 accounts on China-based social networking services and online forums.

In order to do the dirty work of tracking down websites that "endanger public morality, seriously harming minors' physical and mental health," Chinese online companies are hiring young people of "solid character" to act as pornography monitors looking for anything shocking; from people having sex to bikini-clad models.

According to reports, over 4,000 people have applied for the jobs appraising sexual content since the middle of April.

One such appraiser explained that the job is not all it is cracked up to be.

“When I do the appraisal, all I am thinking about is whether the content meets the standards for sexual content, or whether the content in the video or disc is publicly advertising sex, or showing sex," said police officer Liu Chunqi who is tasked with seeking out sex. "Some people think it’s just watching porn, but it’s not. Sometimes it makes me throw up.”

China is home to the world’s largest online population and, while the government likes the business aspects of the internet, their choice of websites sometimes runs counter to the wishes of the ruling Communist Party.

According to rights activists, the porn crackdown is just another excuse to limit freedom of expression with what is known as the 'Great Firewall of China.'

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