Twitter looks for Operation American Spring: 'Where is everybody? I'm confused'

Operation American Spring was supposed to involve between 10 million and 30 million patriots gathering in Washington D.C. to impeach President Obama, but if the accompanying #OperationAmericanSpring hashtag campaign is any indication, the popular uprising is not going according to plan.

The revolution's failure may be the result of nefarious elements in the United States government that empowered non-Springers to "hack" their hashtag:

Or it could be Fox News's fault:

Or the Glenn Beck's:

Or the weather's:

Or the event is a smashing success:

It's just that no one can seem to find it:

Or most people have found it, just not the right people:

Wait! It's been found!

But, in all seriousness, all of this mockery is uncouth:

It is time to take to the Twitter!

They're really doing it!

We only hope they don't burn this trying to show Obama who's a real American:

Maybe Operation American Spring isn't really what it claims to be?

Or perhaps something even more sinister?

We here at the Raw Story agree with head prosecutor at Gitmo, and hope that whatever happens, it doesn't turn ugly:

["Barley field" on Shutterstock]