Twitter marks the latest conservative protest flameout with '#AmericanSpringExcuses'

The conservative event dubbed "Operation American Spring" came and went without much of the uproar or call to arms organizers promised they would rain down upon President Barack Obama.

And after observing the "protest" fall flat in real time, several observers on Twitter used the tag #AmericanSpringExcuses to post their best guesses as to why the "10 to 30 million" viewers were supposed to expect never materialized in Washington D.C.

Some folks, of course, had prior obligations:

Others might have supported the cause, but weren't the traveling type to begin with:

Others suspected technical difficulties:

And, hey, sometimes people just get derailed by the new and unknown:

(Public service announcement: Any Jones fans who might find themselves lovestruck might find luck -- and love -- at the Infowars dating site.)

Of course, the attention was so disproportionate to the actual attendance on Friday that we wouldn't blame you for wondering how it all turned out.

But our Senior Freedom Correspondent tells us that judging the event's "success" depends how you look at it: