Watch: Veep Joe Biden goes on road trip with Veep Selina Meyers in hilarious WHCA video

In a video produced by HBO for the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing her Veep character Selina Meyers, joins real life Vice President Joe Biden in avoiding the star-studded dinner (Biden:"a bunch of politicians trying to explain politics to Hollywood") as they hit the road in Biden's yellow Corvette.

After entering into the White House using a key left under a flower pot, the two visit the Oval Office, then hit the White House galley only to be busted for eating ice cream by First Lady Michelle Obama.

They then break into the Washington Post and create fake headlines:'EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE VP, JOE BIDEN CREATES NINE MILLION JOBS AMERICA ELATED' before heading off to get matching tattoos at a tattoo parlor where they encounter House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi already there getting inked.

Veep Meyers then calls up House Speaker John "J-Dog" Boehner.

Watch the video below courtesy of HBO