450-lb FL man arrested during traffic stop after marijuana discovered hidden in his belly fat

A routine traffic stop in Florida -- after police spotted  a passenger not using a seat belt -- turned into a drugs and weapons bust after officers discovered one of the men hiding marijuana in the folds of his stomach.

The passenger in the car, Christopher Mitchell, 42 -- also known as "Biggie" and "Fat Boy" -- was arrested for drug possession and for not wearing a seat belt after being pulled over as part of Operation Summer Shield, a crime suppression initiative in Deltona, according to News13 Orlando.

According to police, Mitchell was a passenger in the car driven by Keithian Roberts, 38, of Sanford.

After pulling the car over, officers noticed that both men seemed nervous as Mitchell explained that he was unable to use the seat belt because of his size. Mitchell was listed by police as being  5'6" and weighing 450 pounds.

The Sheriff's Office dispatched a drug-detecting K-9  to the scene which alerted deputies to the presence of drugs.

After exiting the car, Mitchell was discovered to have 23 grams of marijuana hidden between his folds of flesh.  Police also recovered cocaine, a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun and more than $7,000 in cash stuffed into a tube sock.

Both men are facing drug possession charges.

According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Mitchell previously spent three years in prison following a conviction for cocaine trafficking.