Alex Jones is a false flag: Hear me out

You might think that Jerad and Amanda Miller were a couple of murderous right wingers who killed a couple of cops and a bystander before killing themselves in a Las Vegas Walmart.

You sheeple need to wake up.

Alex Jones nailed it yesterday when he told off the White House-controlled media that this was, in fact, another "false flag" operation, and, as any second-grader could tell you, the target of this mind-control operation was none other than Alex Jones himself.

The Austin radio host was in rare form as he blasted his critics, who seem so blind to what's so obvious.

It couldn't be simpler. Back in 2012, Jerad Miller married Amanda Woodruff in Lafayette, Indiana because the chemtrails over that fair town had triggered the preprogramming in their brains which MK-Ultra operatives had implanted years earlier.

Employing a clever cover story -- that Jerad was a convicted felon and was having a hard time making ends meet, and that the couple supported Independent American Party candidate David VanDerBeek in his run for Nevada governor -- the couple followed the plan that had been written for them and moved to Harry Reid-controlled Las Vegas in January of this year.

The couple had already signed up for accounts at websites associated with Jones, and had posted anti-government and anti-police screeds painstakingly written for them by MK Ultra spooks.

In a nice touch to throw off patriots who might have sussed out what was going on, Jerad and Amanda dressed as movie costume characters for tourist tips on the Strip. Who would ever suspect Captain America of plotting to bring down America?

Everything was in place. The Clark County Sheriff's Office claims that on Sunday, the couple went into a Cici's pizza restaurant and committed an unspeakable act, offing two cops at point-blank range. (Note the symbolism that would not be missed by the globalists funding the government's sham operation -- "CiCi's"= "CC," clearly evoking Chelsea Clinton, which would be reported in the media and would in turn trigger other cells to begin their operations elsewhere.)

Not only was this operation clearly an elaborate setup to smear Jones, with the liberal media dutifully attacking Jones seemingly within minutes of the attacks, but it was almost comically easy to spot as a "false flag."

In fact, we expect patriots will soon conclude that this event never actually happened at all, and Jerad and Amanda Miller are having a good laugh, along with the two cops they supposedly killed but who of course never existed. The sheriff's office says the killings were caught on videotape, and we can only laugh that they expect us to take their CGI wizardry seriously (not that we'll ever get to see the tape. Which of course never existed in the first place).

These false flag attacks by the government are getting so numerous and so easy to spot, you have to wonder why the globalists keep trying the same thing, over and over, all in an attempt to besmirch Alex Jones and take your guns away. Seriously, it didn't work the first 100 times, and the MK Ultra Masonic International Bankers should just stop trying.

But let us tell you just how far the globalists will go to destroy freedom-loving Americans.

Recently, I was asked to speak at Above Top Secret radio because of my reporting about that most conspiratorial of cabals, the Church of Scientology.

And while I was waiting to go on air, I got to listen to a panel of longtime, veteran UFO and conspiracy experts talking about Elliot Rodger, the false flag "murderer" who supposedly killed some (nonexistent) sorority gals at UCSB.

I was fascinated by the conversation: These oldtimers, who love a good conspiracy, were grousing that the "false flag" phenomena was ruining their field.

Here they had spent years looking into everything from government-controlled weather to alien visitation to anomalies on Mars and elsewhere, and suddenly, no one cared.

They griped and moaned that this new crowd, who kept going on about how everything in the news was a "false flag," and that no one was actually hurt at the Boston Marathon bombings, or at UCSB, or at Sandy Hook -- that it was all so obviously off-the-charts nutty, it was giving the conspiracy field a bad name.

And then it dawned on me.

My God, even a second-grader could see it! Who was responsible for destroying the conspiracy field? Who was turning the world of speculative investigation, UFOlogy, cryptozoology, and so many other promising fields of inquiry into one, big, false flag joke?

As the thought took hold in my brain, I could see it plain as day. Born in 1974, the year after MK Ultra "ended" -- at least officially -- and in Dallas, where the mother of all conspiracies was born 11 years earlier.

Of course! Who was responsible for turning an entire segment of the population into a drooling, brain-addled mob just ripe for government manipulation and exploitation?

It was there under our noses all the time. Alex Jones is a false flag. Probably controlled by HAARP antennas and fluoridation.

Let's see him prove he isn't.