Bill Maher mocks Clinton smears by telling The View about Karl Rove's 'murdered gay lover'

Appearing on ABC's The View, comedian Bill Maher responded to Karl Rove's "just putting it out there" assertion several weeks ago that Hillary Clinton might have brain damage, by "just putting it out there" that he wonders about "Karl Rove’s gay lover that he murdered."

Maher's comment came in the midst of a discussion about Clinton's possible 2016 campaign for president.

Host Sherri Shepherd started it off by asking Maher if he believed Clinton would run for President in 2016.

"Well she's definitely going to run," Maher responded."I mean, she wants to run like a tick wants blood."

Turning to the assortment of charges conservatives have leveled against Clinton in the past few weeks, Maher explained that she's a Clinton, and therefore used to it.

“This is what they do. She’s used to it, I mean look what Karl Rove did to her a couple weeks ago, bringing up brain damage and just saying, ‘well, I’m not saying she does, I’m just putting it out there.’ I wonder if Karl Rove’s gay lover that he murdered,” Maher said. “Oh, I’m not saying that’s definitely true, I’m just putting it out there.”

Asked if he voted for Clinton in 2008, Maher replied, “No, I voted for the boy who won," before quickly adding, “Oh, I didn’t mean it that way.”

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by James Crugnale: