Creationist asks 'hard question': 'If evolution is true, is rape wrong?'

Creationist Darek Isaacs said during an online broadcast posted Monday that evolutionary theory excused rape.

He said during an episode of “Creation Today” that he had studied works by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, E.O. Wilson, and other “purveyors of evolutionary thought” and found himself in “a very, very dark place,” reported the Friendly Atheist blog.

“You have to start asking questions: Well, if evolution is true, and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, well, is rape wrong?” Isaacs said, as one of his hosts gasps.

Isaacs is the author of “Dragons or Dinosaurs?” – which argues that ancient myths about dragons were based on human interactions with dinosaurs -- and the founder of the Watchman 33 end times blog.

He said marriage would be “anathema” in an evolutionary worldview because it would limit sexual relations to one man and one woman for life.

“According to the evolutionary worldview, [if] that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress,” Isaacs said. “So it redefines everything about our society.”

Watch the video segment posted online by creationtoday: