CT GOP Gov. candidate accidentally asks for endorsement from convicted sex offender

A man-on-the-street interview conducted by a Republican Connecticut gubernatorial candidate took an awkward turn this week when the politico asked for, and received, the endorsement of a convicted sex offender, according to the CT-Post.

On Friday, Connecticut businessman and former Ambassador to Ireland, Tom Foley, was filming one in a series of 'Talk with Tom' interviews with potential voters designed to appear on his campaign website.

Foley's film crew captured a one minute and 36-second interview with resident Jerry Buchanan who complained about "the damn liberals who want to tax people to death," before endorsing Foley over sitting Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

According to state records, Buchanan, 54, served three months in prison  in 2006 for three separate sex-assault misdemeanors

Foley's spokesperson, Chris Cooper, explained that the interviews are spontaneous and interviewees were not pre-screened.

"The only information we get about the subjects comes from what they provide on tape in a two or three minute interview about their views on Connecticut," he said.

The campaign said that they were pulling the interview down from the Foley website.

Foley, who is running for the Republican nod against state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, is seen in the interview discussing Connecticut businesses leaving the state and and taking  jobs with them  due to taxes.

Asking Buchanan if he has a job, Buchanan, replies," No, right now I'm unemployed."

Prodded further, Buchanan added, "I was with my uncle in real estate, -- I take care of some of his buildings right now."

Wrapping up the man-on-the-street video, Foley asked, "You going to stick around and vote in November?"

"I'm going to vote for Mr. Tom Foley, " Buchanan replies as Foley laughs.

Watch the interview below Courtesy of Tom Foley for Connecticut: