Florida man tried to sell weed to uniformed cop while pushing infant in stroller, police say

A Florida man was arrested Thursday after allegedly trying to sell marijuana to a uniformed police officer.

Authorities said 28-year-old Terandell Coleman was pushing a baby stroller carrying his 2-month-old infant when he approached a vehicle driven by a Panama City Beach police officer.

Although the car was unmarked, Lt. John Deegins was wearing his full uniform, reported the Smoking Gun.

The officer said Coleman approached him and offered to sell him $25 worth of “bud.”

When Deegins showed interest, police said, Coleman parked the stroller next to another vehicle and showed the uniformed officer a plastic container with what appeared to be marijuana inside.

The officer then arrested Coleman for misdemeanor possession with intent to sell the 1.4 grams of marijuana and felony child neglect.

Court records show Coleman was arrested earlier this year for burglary but was free on bond when he was arrested again.