Fox's Keith Ablow: Hillary's 'entire reputation' is from 'sleeping with the president'
Keith Ablow speaks to Fox News on June 26, 2014 [Fox News]

Fox News resident psychiatrist and Medical A-Team member Dr. Keith Ablow asserted on Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could never win the White House without the help of Bill Clinton because her "entire reputation" was from "sleeping with the president."

Speaking to the hosts of Out Numbered on Fox News, Ablow said that Hillary Clinton's recent gaffes about her wealth -- and, of course, Benghazi -- meant that "she will tell you anything" to get elected.

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers, however, took issue with pundits who criticized the former first lady because her husband had defended her during a recent book tour.

"I think that's unfair though," Powers said. "It is her husband, he's in the public life. And somebody is naturally going to ask him. What is he supposed to say?"

"She wouldn't be in the public life if it weren't for her husband," Ablow shrugged.

"You don't know that," Powers shot back.

"I do," Ablow stated. "I don't think she would have been elected to anything, I don't think she would have been appointed to anything. Because her entire reputation as a national figure came from living in the White House and sleeping with the president."

Powers pointed out that Hillary Clinton had been a "bigger star" when she met Bill Clinton: "She was on the cover of life magazine. She was the sort of rising star."

"She been undistinguished as a public servant," Ablow insisted.

"I think it's good that he defends her," host Kimberly Guilfoyle remarked. "Nobody doubts that she can handle herself, but the bigger picture is, is she somebody who's suitable to be president of the United States? And given her loose relationship with the truth, and like you said, the hollow ear."

"I will stand with this," Ablow declared. "God forbid, if President Clinton were not alive today -- really, I wish him a long life -- the chances of his wife being elected president are zero. People will vote for this woman because her husband is going to the White House again."

"That's absurd," Powers interrupted. "You don't think a woman can be president without a man standing behind her?"

To draw contrast with the Clintons, Ablow argued that a dead President Barack Obama "improves" First Lady Michelle Obama's chances at being elected.

"God forbid, again," he added.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Out Numbered, broadcast June 26, 2014.