Fox's Shep Smith accuses Glenn Greenwald of calling U.S. military troops 'terrorists'

Appearing on the Fox News Deck to promote his latest book, journalist Glenn Greenwald got into a contentious debate with host Shep Smith after Smith accused Greenwald of equating American troops with the insurgent terrorist group ISIS.

Referring to Greenwald's recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Smith attempted to call Greenwald out on comments he made when discussing  ISIS.

“You said something to the effect of, who is worse really, them or, in essence, the Americans who invaded or would invade?” Smith said. “You equated our forces to terrorists.”

Greenwald pushed back saying that was not what he said at all and that he was speaking of government leaders who destroyed the country with 'Shock and Awe.'

“Yeah, that’s not actually what happened,” Greenwald replied. "The point that I was making is that there is this phrase 'terrorism,' that has very little definition. It doesn't really mean much of anything, it's a fear-mongering word that the government invokes every time it wants to justify its policies, from torturing people to putting people in Guantanamo."

As Smith attempted to interrupt him, Greenwald continued on explaining that, "When we invaded Iraq, we called our invasion 'Shock and Awe.' The purpose of it, Shep, was to do so much violence that we would terrorize the civilian population into submission, to surrendering. And we indiscriminately bombed Baghdad --we certainly didn't try and kill civilians -- but huge numbers of civilians were killed."

After Smith described the violence inflicted on Iraqi's by ISIS, Greenwald agreed that they were, "... horrible people doing horrible things."

Greenwald added that “they’re terrorists and now we have to go and fight them.”

Watch the video uploaded to YouTube by Buzz Sourse: