Fox's Tucker Carlson: ‘Whiny’ teen couldn’t have been raped by teacher because he’s a boy

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson on Thursday called 16-year-old male victim of a statutory rape by a high school teacher "whiny," complaining that he "tattled" to the police and "ruined her life."

The topic of discussion was the case of Joy Morsi, a Queens high school gym teacher accused of having sex with an under-aged student approximately 30 times over a six week period in school storage closets and in her car. Since the first report, another student has also come forward claiming to have had sex with the teacher.

Addressing the issue with the all-female panel on Fox's Outnumbered, Carlson dismissed the notion that the male student was raped, calling it "ludicrous."

"It's ludicrous that we are calling this a rape. Are you serious?" Carson explained." I'm not joking a tiny bit. I'll tell you what's wrong to this extent:  he went and tattled to the police and destroyed her life. Are you joking? What a whiny country this is."

Carlson, who has previously  stated that sexual situations between male students with teachers would be, in the student's mind, "the greatest thing that ever happened,"  said the notion of statutory rape  with a male student defied "common sense."

“You’re this boy, and all of a sudden you’re a rape victim? You pursue an older woman, and have a relationship with her, and you’re a rape victim?" he said. "It defies common sense. And anybody who’s being honest with himself knows exactly what I’m talking about. We all have to pretend."

Carlson admitted that it would be a different matter if the victim was a woman, causing panelist Kimberly Guilfoyle to state, "That's a double standard."

"Of course it's a double standard, " Carlson replied. "All standards are double standards."

Carlson later went on to dismiss the case as a "first world problem," adding, "this is your problem?"

Watch the video below from Media Matters for America: