Maher to Stewart: 'Drugs are good, religion is bad' and Obama's spirituality is 'bullsh*t'

In a meeting of the minds, Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time, stopped by Jon Stewart's Daily Show to talk about drugs, atheism, politics, President Obama's claims to spirituality, and the New York Mets.

Discussing their careers, Stewart asked Maher if there are things that he has advocated for in the past that he feels he may have had some effect influencing public perceptions.

"Absolutely," Maher replied, "People used to ask me would you run for office and that is such a silly question, I could never. And if I did, my slogan would be 'Drugs are good and religion is bad.' "

Maher admitted that he feels that the "needle has moved" on both of those topics.

Discussing religion in America, Maher mentioned "Hillary Clinton just said her favorite book is the Bible."

"You couldn't find something more violent like Game of Thrones?" Maher asked.

Continuing with religion in American politics, Maher said, "You know who's a liar about this, is Obama."

"Obama is always spouting spiritual bullshit and I don't believe it for a second," he continued. "He's a drop-dead atheist, absolutely."

After Stewart pointed out that Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago for years, Maher shot back, "He joined, but he never went. He joined because it was politically necessary."

Watch the video below from Comedy Central: