Jon Stewart mocks ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’ Dick Cheney and his 'Sith apprentice' daughter

With the rise of insurgent terrorist group ISIS in Iraq, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart mocked the reemergence of former Vice President Dick Cheney, calling him 'America’s Tragedy Herpe' returning to give advice on how to handle the troubled country.

Opening with Star Wars 'Imperial March' theme, a resigned Stewart said, "There is America's tragedy herpe, Dick Cheney.... Alright, Dick Cheney, tell us how we have done everything wrong since you left office and, if you would, do it from in front of a Sears portrait studio backdrop, whilst your Sith apprentice stands in an eerie silent vigil, go..."

Stewart then showed a clip of a stiff Dick Cheney standing in front of a field, wearing a cowboy hat, and reading from a teleprompter while explaining that the Middle East was following apart under the Obama Administration.

Mocking Cheney, Stewart added, "My point is, if you send federal revenuers up here, we will defend our land."

Wondering if "America has tired of Dick Cheney's blame game," Stewart showed a clip of Cheney's appearance on Megyn Kelly's show where the Fox host told the former vice president, "history ‘has proven you got it wrong."

A smiling Stewart said maybe now Cheney will understand how it feels when “someone you thought was a friend shoots you in the face.”

Watch the video below from Comedy Central: