Ted Cruz: I would have used military force to rescue Afghan POW Bergdahl

Appearing with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz jumped on the GOP bandwagon, criticizing Pres. Obama for his handling of the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, held by Afghan rebels for five years, saying he would have used military force instead.

Saying that, while he "celebrated" the return of Bergdahl, Cruz claimed to find the terms of the deal "very troubling."

Asked why by Stephanopoulos, Cruz spoke of the cost of capturing the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners traded in the deal.

"How many soldiers lost their lives to capture those five Taliban terrorists that we just released?" Cruz said.

Pressed by Stephanopolous  as to what he would have done differently, Cruz said he wouldn't deal with terrorists.

"I do not think the way to deal with terrorists is through releasing other violent terrorists. I mean..." Cruz said before being interrupted by Stephanopolous.

"But what if that's the only way to get Bergdahl home?" the host asked.

"It's not the only way. We can go in and use military force, as needed, to rescue our fallen compatriots. But, look, Sergeant Bergdahl was fighting to capture these terrorists," Cruz replied. "Can you imagine what he would say to his fallen comrades who lost their lives to stop these people who were responsible, either directly or indirectly, for threatening or taking U.S. civilian lives."

Bergdahl had been held by Afghan rebels for five years and presumably the Pentagon had considered alternative methods to retrieve him.

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